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Accurate Asset Evaluation & Market Values

The Collins Company Commercial Real Estate works hard to accurately estimate market values through our asset evaluation process. A broker’s evaluation letter is helpful in appraisals, and is an educated “best guess” as to the current market value of your commercial property. It is based on a careful assessment of market and property conditions that can affect the value of your property.

Broker Opinion of Value

A Broker Opinion of Value, or “BOV”, starts with a visit to your property to collect pertinent information and details, such as the income, expenses, physical condition, deferred maintenance, tax, zoning, and environmental data. We also assess local market conditions that could affect your value, including job growth, transportation, shopping, and population growth.

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After a thorough review of this information, together with an analysis of recent comparable sales, if any, The Collins Company team will provide you with a Broker’s Opinion of Value, our estimation based on data, analysis, and experience as to the value that the market will place on your property in the event of an actual sale.
This process is usually undertaken when an owner is seriously considering the possibility of selling the property and, while not intended to be definitive, a Broker Opinion of Value frequently provides the owner with useful guidance on when and how to proceed. Please note that this is not an appraisal, and shouldn’t be confused with one. No representation is made or implied that a property will, in fact, achieve a sale price equal to the BOV since information is frequently incomplete, imprecise, or imperfect, and market conditions frequently change rapidly and without prior warning.

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